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Abdul is a fantastic designer. He did a really great job with an extremely tight deadline – working so hard to get the job done on time and at top quality too. Communication over Skype, regular updates etc all made this a smooth job for me (if not for him!). I would recommend him wholeheartedly!

Uzair Kharawala

Abdul is a fantastic designer. He did a really great job with an extremely tight deadline – working so hard to get the job done on time and at top quality too. Communication over Skype, regular updates etc all made this a smooth job for me (if not for him!). I would recommend him wholeheartedly!

Imad Mujeeb

We used Abdul’s services for developing HTML5 banners and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. He is an exceptionally talented developer, who makes the effort to understand the brief, which helps him deliver the results that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Excellent service, great quality of work and cost effective. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop their website or banners.

Sadananad (Moving Stills)

He works fast, smart and at a very good rate. He set up our wordpress with links while repopulating from a previous blog first. He did an excellent job so we hired him to revamp on website and move it to wordpress as well. Again, excellent. Thank you Aziz.

James J White

Awesome sincere dedicated hard working guy.You won’t have any complaints after working with him.

Bilal Shaikh

Excellent Simply amazing. Keep up the good work.

Kamran Iqbal

Another good job - sorting out a whole range of urgent and non-urgent issues quickly. Much appreciated help.

Salman Khan

It’s not easy finding talented banner designers, but Aziz is one of them. He is passionate about his work and great to work with. I would definitely recommend him.

Zeeshan Khan

Abdul works very hard to give you exactly what you ask. If you need any changes, he is happy to accommodate. He cares about providing quality service. I've worked with other freelancers that have literally disappeared in the middle of a project. Abdul maintains contact and keeps you posted on his progress.


It was a pleasure to work with Abdul Aziz. He has worked very hard to give us exactly what we required. He has kept us well informed throughout and completed all the tasks within the deadline. Even while on vacation, he cared about completing the work which we really appreciate. We wish him all the best and would recommend anyone looking for a quality designer to work with Abdul.

Sean George

This Freelancer is Crazy FAST! I explained my needs and he responded right away and finished the work way before the deadline. I feel like I have a new employee!

Adam PPH

Aziz gets the job done extremely fast and is a great communicator, I have more work down the road for him. He's got a great eye for design as well, and is an expert at Adobe Illustrator.

Mark Thomas

Abdul was absolutely fantastic in handling a very difficult project for us. We had dynamic banners with many moving parts that were not straightforward in the slightest. So, we cannot stress enough how much we appreciated his patience working through the technical details of properly connecting a feed built and maintained by someone on our end, with the banners he was responsible for. It was not an easy task, and he did a beautiful job; not only in persisting to perfect the functionality of the banners but to also execute the creative portion flawlessly. He was extremely quick with turn around times — usually returning creative before we expected it. No question we would work with him again as a trusted partner and highly recommend him as a valuable resource for any busy agency or creative.

Marie Anna

azizdesigner does not constantly try to sell its services to you. I listed one problem I had, and of all the answers he was the only one who really told me that he understood what I wanted. Everyone else wanted to get in and start working (and billing) without really understanding what I asked for. azizdesigner really delivers on time in the quality discussed. I think we are on the same wavelength our understanding of graphics and quality was concerned. I always recommend an exact briefing and both sides know what is required. I found his advice valuable and look forward to working with him again.

Vibhin Joseph

I have worked with many people but this is the first time I found a web designer that UNDERSTANDS design! He sticks to my design! And I don't know why but with other web designers I spend hours explaining that I need the design like I made it and not something different. And his English is perfect!!! I feel like I am working with someone from Europe.


One of the biggest pro's is that his English is very good. He also is very flexible and sticks to the price. I am in the EU and Abdul is in a very different time zone but also with this he is very flexible and it feels like I am working with someone from my own timezone. Highly recommended!


I wanted to hire the best and after working with Aziz and his company Interactivedots, I knew Abdul and his company was perfect for my digital ventures. They are true professionals. I recommend them and love be with me as my digital partners.


I like to work with him. quick comprehension and clean implementation at the discussed time. I like working with Abdul and will continue to do so. I can unreservedly recommend the cooperation.


We had emails coded for a reply to our customers. We are very happy with the quick and quality work we have gotten. Thank you


Thank you Abdul Aziz for always contributing your skills for my projects.

Sarfaraz Jaliawala

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